WHO at MetrO League 2022

Venues and Dates

Round Date Venue Organising Club
ML1 22 May Grays Point IKO
ML2 26 June St Ives Big Foot
ML3 31 July Lake Parramatta Bennelong
ML4 7 August tbc Garingal
ML5 28 August Wianamatta WHO
ML6 18 September Smiths Creek SHOO


Metro League 2022

With the Summer Series behind us, it's time to gear up for Metro League, Sydney’s premiere winter orienteering comp. Metro League is unique in that it is a team comp - each club fields teams across six divisions across 6 rounds, and different teams go head-to-head in each round. Last year, WHO fielded teams in Divisions 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Division 1 features the hardest/longest courses while Division 6 has moderate courses suitable for beginners and children. 

Metro League dates are set for May 1, May 22, Jun 26, Jul 31, Aug 28, and Sep 18, although at this stage it looks like the first round on May 1 will be rescheduled. All venues are in the Sydney area, in fact its a great way to see some fantastic little pockets of bushland around Sydney. Its also a great transition into bush orienteering if you have mainly been running Summer Series. 

We are now looking to gauge interest from club members in this season’s Metro League so that we can estimate team numbers. Please contact your Club Captain Josh Braidwood  to register your interest or if you have any questions about how Metro League works. 

There is something for everyone at Metro League. It's also a great way to meet your fellow WHO club members. If you’re new to orienteering, there are suitable courses for you - we’d love to have you join us. 

See you at Metro League!

Josh Braidwood 
Club Captain


Round 1 - Grays Point


Our 2022 Metro League season kicked off at Grays Point on May 22. We were down on numbers a little for the season opener, including an unfortunate last minute pull out from the Club Captain himself (due to an unfortunate kitchen injury the night before). But those who were able to get there had a great run on a map that hasn’t been used for Metro League in many years. 

In Div 1 we went down to the ever-formidable Big Foot team 31-23, with James McQuillan bringing up the fastest time of 52.32 and picking up 9 points for the round. And in what may become one of the season’s biggest rivalries, brothers Seth and Selwyn Sweeney finished within a minute of each other! 

In Div 2 we went down 31-21 to Bennelong, mainly because we were only able to field 3 runners. But an outstanding run from Lee Coady showed we are in contention with a time of 46.38 earning him the 10 points in the match up. 

Div 3 suffered from low numbers this round, with Saffron and Emmanuelle carrying the flag for WHO picking up 6 and 7 points respectively, but not quite enough to chase down Big Foot who won the match up 32-13. 

Div 4 was our big success story for the day, with WHO racking up a 33-22 win over Garingal. It was our round stars who made it happen with an outstanding run from Savanna Sweeney who picked up 10 points for a fast time of 42.0, followed by Lachlan Coady who finished the course in 49.57 for 9 points. 

Div 5 was a close match up, just missing out  to Big Foot 21-24. Again our young members led the charge with Matilda Saunders putting in an amazing time of 38.36 for 9 points. 

In Div 6 we went down 18-34 too Garingal, mainly because we were low in numbers. Shay Sweeney was the stand out with a time of 38.15 picking up 8 points. 

Next round is 26 June at St Ives - looking forward to a big WHO turnout - see you there!


Josh Braidwood

Club Captain

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