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7 July, 2024

TT 2024

Sydney Metropolitan Turkey Trot at Putney

The full results are available on the "Results" pages. Club results show that our junior members are eclipsing our more experienced senior runners.

In the Men Long division Seth Sweeney led the field, covering around 20 kms in 81:52.

In the Women Long division Belinda Kinneally (118:13) and Rachel Merton (140:56) took the top two places ahead of Nadine Moore (156:40).

Four WHOs completed Men Medium with Vivien de Remy de Courcelles (69:58) crossing the tape in 5th place.

The Women Medium field followed Savanna Sweeney (75:18) across the tape with Saffron Sweeney (97:20) taking 5th place behind her.

Shay Sweeney (41:58) showed his elite potential taking number one position in Men Short with club members John Murray (48:06) and Aiden McQuillan (49:41) not far behind in 6th and 7th positions.

In the Women Short division Justine de Remy de Courcelles (62:37) made an excellent 3rd after Fiona Willington (56:34) and Kelly Armstrong (58:58).

In the MTBO Long Dan Smith's pedal power (73:57) propelled him into second place behind Michael Ridley-Smith (61:18) with Tim Porritt (68:16) in third place in MTBO Medium.

Read the write up on the Turkey Trot website.

29 June, 2024

SL #8 - NSW Sprint Champs - Wollongong University

WHO fronted up with a team of 25.

Our team achieved ->

6 firsts:
Seth Sweeney M20A 14:58, 
Charlotte Palmer W45AS 14:22, 
Jacinta Braidwood W Junior B 33:20, 
Saffron Sweeney W Open B 16:09, 
Savanna Sweeney W16A 9:52, 
Tiffany Palmer W14A 16:18. 

8 Seconds:
James McQuillan M40A 12:34, 
Lachlan Coady M16A 18:10, 
Justine de Remy de Courcelles W14A 16:35, 
Kelly Simmonds W Junior B 38:00, 
Vivien de Remy de Courcelles M45A 13:12, 
Paul Sweeney M Open B 13:50, 
Shay Sweeney M14A 13:16, 
Nerise McQuillan W35AS 20:11.

3 thirds:
Matthew Palmer M40A 13:19, 
Selwyn Sweeney M21A 17:48, 
Matilda Saunders W16A 13:20.

Congratulations team!

8-10 June, 2024

KBIII on maps around Rylstone

Overall results - go to Eventor for details of individual races

Looks like Western & Hills Orienteers is one of the top clubs for juniors.

In the KB3 overall results Shay Sweeney and Levi Coady came 4th and 5th in M14A with a field of 8. 

In M16A 2nd place went to Lachlan Coady. In W14A Justine de Remy de Corcelles and Tiffany Palmer took 2nd and 3rd places and in W16A Savanna Sweeney came 2nd overall.

In the seniors' divisions WHO had only two top placings. WHO scribe, Emanuelle Convert, came 4th in W45A and our overall top performer was Saffron Sweeney in 1st position overall in W Open B.

Breakfast Creek

17 May, 2024

5 WHO Juniors have been selected for the NSW Team for the Australian Schools Championships 

Shay Sweeney - Junior Boys

Justine de Remy de Courcelles and Tiffany Palmer - Junior Girls

Matilda Saunders and Savanna Sweeney - Senior Girls

Congratulations and best wishes from your club for your trip to Armidale next October.

14 April, 2024

Club results - SL#4 Snow Hills

A major event shared with ACT saw 235 starters lined up at the Snow Hills starting line. Of our 18 member team 7 intrepid runners made it into the top three places.

First places went to Elliott McQuillan (M12A 20:56) and Matilda Saunders (W16A 81:17).

Four crossed the line in second position: Tiffany Palmer (W12A 22:26); Savanna Sweeney (W16A 106:39); Charlotte Palmer (W45AS 57:10) only 2:54 behind Isobel Newton Newcastle O Club; Lee Coady (M21AS) 114:17).

Our 3rd place finisher was Levi Coady (M12A 42:46).

Judging by overall finish times, the courses were quite tough.

Aren't our juniors doing well! 

30 March - 1 April, 2024 (Easter weekend)

Australian 3 Days 2024

Club results - Australian 3 Days

Located on private properties and parklands close to Murray Bridge, South Australia

10 club members treked to South Australia for the Easter competition. The Cheung and Sweeney families made up more than half the team.

Competition was intense with only three team members placing.

In the overall results Shay Sweeney placed 2nd in M14A, Barry Hanlon placed first in M85A only 60 seconds ahead of John Hodson from IKO. The Club;s star perfermer was Saffron Sweeney (WOpenB) who led the field in 1st place, 5:14 ahead of Elizabeth Hatley from Victoria.

Narrinyeri Hills Narrinyeri Hills
29 March, 2024

Club results - SSS #25

Don Moore Reserve, North Rocks

In the Junior Women division Justine de Remy de Courcelles (400 points) scrapped into second place only 10 seconds behind Tania Horrocks (Garringal, also 400 pts). 

James McQillan was the Club's star performer in Masters Men leading the field with 590 pts ahead of Mathew Cox (GO) 490 pts.

In Veteran Women Saffron Sweeney 390 pts made it into 2nd place behind Zoe Melling (Uringa) 430 pts.

Graeme Hill 440 pts repeated his consistent series performance in Legends Men crossing the line in 3rd position behind John Haddrick BN 450 pts and Graham Field 450 pts. 

Janet Morris Immortal Women 240 pts struggled into 3rd place behind Carol Jacobson 300 pts and Bryony Cox 250 pts .

Don Moore Reserve
16 March, 2024

Club results - SL #1 

Roseburg State Forest

Very good Club results for the WHO Team at Roseberg. Of our 29 starters 17 took top placings.

Nine 1sts: Lachlan Coady M16, Saffron Sweeney W Open B; Tiffany Palmer W12A; Savanna Sweeney W16A; Justine de Remy de Courcelles W14A; Janet Morris W85A; Charlotte Palmer W45AS; Lucas Coady EOD Very Easy; Matthew Palmer M Open B.

Six seconds: Elliott McQuillan M12A; James McQuillan M40A;  Matilda Saunders W16A; Barry Hanlon M85A; Lee Coady M Open B; Nerise McQuillan W35AS.

Two third places: Robert Bradley M55AS;  Micaela Ashton W45AS. 

The age grade fields were quite small with a few exceptions. When we look closely at the results Seth Sweeney M20A in 4th place was only seven and a half minutes behind Oscar Brown from Red Roos. Much the same for Vivien de R. de C. - another 4th 5:48 behind Simon Rouse from Dandenong OC.

Roseberg 2024
17 March, 2024

Club results - SL #2

Ophir Gold Mining Reserve

The Sunday event results reflect the more rugged and steeper gold mining terraine at Ophir, but our team of 26 still took 12 top places.

Five 1sts: Justine de Remy de Courcelles W14A; Matthew Palmer M Open B; Savanna Sweeney W16A; Tahlia Chapman EOD Moderate; Nerise McQuillan W35AS.

Four Seconds: Vivien de Remy de Courcelles M45A; Tiffany Palmer    W12A; Charlotte Palmer W45AS;  Matilda Saunders    W16A.

Three thirds: Barry Hanlon M85A; Saffron Sweeney W Open B; Lee Coady M Open B.

The M12s with a moderate field size saw Elliott McQuillan cross the line in 4th place and Shay Sweeney achieved a similiar result in M14A.

The Juniors' results show that several of our WHO juniors could be on their way to achieving elite status in a few years time, with potential to be selected to compete at WOC and JWOC!

Ophir Gold Diggings
13 March, 2024

Club results - SSS #24,

Pottery Green, Lane Cove..

Savanna Sweeney Junior Women flew into 1st place 490 43:32 ahead of Maggie MacKay (UR) 460 43:14.

In Masters Men consistent runner James McQuillan 580 46:45 led Andrew Graham (BN) 570 47:56 into 1st place.

Emmanuelle Convert Veteran Women struggled into 3rd position 430 41:44 behind Zoe Melling (UR) 510 48:50 and Mary Fien (BF) 450 42:41.

Karen Langan made it into 3rd place in Super Veteran Wonem 380 42:01 and Janet Morris ran also into 3rd position in Immortal Women 210 42:42.

Chartlotte Palmer surprised the field by taking 2nd place in Walking Women 300 45:47 between Carolyn Haupt (GO) 400 41:04 and Anneke Strupitis-Haddrick (GO) 230 47:11.


Pottery Green
Pottery Green
6 March, 2024

Club results - SSS #23,

King George Park, Rozelle.

The highlight of the event was the tricky navigation through Callan Park with out-of-bounds areas all over the place. Our Western and Hills team bagged 10 top places. An excellent result for a team of 23. 

In Junior Men Will Kay 41:28 390 was an easy 3rd behind Brian Thorpe (BF) 46:52 560 and Nick Stanley (GO) 51:44 510.

Savanna Sweeney 45:45 460 shared 1st place with Justine Hobson (BF) 44:01 460.

In Masters Men James McQuillan 49:09 540 checked all controls bar one and, although late at the post he was well ahead of Justin Stafford (NC) 47:49 470 with a 13 points lead.

Silvia Teoh 47:40 360 placed 3rd behind Lisa Grant (GO) 48:49 410 in Masters Women.

Veteran Men is a very big field and, although not in a top place Vivien de R. de C. coming in 7th in a field of 35 is an achievement worth noting.

Emmanuelle Convert 42:46 330 made it easily into a shared 3rd place with Heidi Milliss (BN) 48:41 330 in Veteran Women.

Ian Miller 47:42 290 showed a boost in performance, coming 3rd in Immortal Men between Ross Barr (GO) 44:58 330 and Terry Bluett (BN) 43:47 250.

In the small field of Immortal Women 3rd placing Janet Morris 45:09 180 is one of the strugglers vying for a place behind regular lead runner Carol Jacobson (GO) 46:03 250.

Walking Women's 3rd place was taken by Charlotte Palmer 46:37 150 only just ahead of Barbara Junghans (GO) 41:35 130.

A cottage in Callan Park
An historic cottage in Callan Park
28 February, 2024

Club results - SSS #22, Echo Point Park, Roseville Chase

With a start at almost sea level, and control 30 strategically placed almost at the top of the terrain at a height of over 70 metres, good planning was imperative!

Will Kay made it into 2nd place in Junior Men 580 44:39, only four seconds behind Brian Thorpe (Bigfoot) but with a big score difference of 90 points.

The results in Junior Women were interesting. Justine Hobson (Bigfoot) led with 480 42:32 and was followed into 2nd place by Savanna Sweeney 460 43:44. Running mate Justine de R. de C. followed in 4th place with 320 41:44

Masters Men results were also interesting with James McQuillan 560 46:19, ahead of Mathew Cox (Garingal) 480 44:21, but very close to the overall winner Brian Thorpe (Bigfoot) 580 44:39.

Silvia Teoh (Masters Women) 430 44:39, in 4th place, struggled to get enought points to pip Lisa Grant (Garingal) 430 46:02.

Emmanuelle Convert, Veteran Women, in 2nd place 400 45:14 with Saffron Sweeney 400 45:29, maintained her consisten performance in a small but very competitive field.

Roseville Chase
21 February, 2024

Club results - SSS #21, Castlewood

We had almost perfect runners' weather for the Club's Summer Series event at George Thornton Reserve 

There were lots of appreciative comments about Savanna Sweeney's course setting.

In the Mini Course, Aiden McQuillan (160 18:55) took the lead position with a faster time than Harvey Teah (160 27:03).

Seth Sweeney was the only runner to score 600 in the Score Course coming across the finish with a time of 44:00, ahead of Richard Morris (Bennelong) with a score of 590 in 43:13 and well ahead of Nick Stanley (Garingal) 570 44:36 in Junior Men.

In Junior Women Justine de Remy de Courcelles took 4th position 370 45:59 behind Tania Horrocks (Garingal) 400 45:21.

WHO's top runner in Masters Women was Silvia Teoh in 3rd place with 440 46:32 only just behind Alessandra Martines (Bennelong)    450 45:34.

Another 3rd for the Club was Emmanuelle Convert 410 45:45 in Veteran Women. In Immortal Women Janet Morris showed heighted performance in 2nd place with a score of 240 40:50 well ahead of equal scoring Marion Gledhill 43:59.

There was a very special comment about veteran WHO runner Graeme Hill on the Summer Series Facebook page:

"You'd be hard pressed to find a nicer person anywhere than Graeme Hill (Legends Men), and today we are delighted to report the Western & Hills Orienteers veteran notched up his 600th SSS event.
Graeme, still regularly scoring in the 400s, becomes just the second person to hit this impressive milestone after series founder Ross Barr."

Graeme Hill
18 February, 2024

West Sydney Orienteering Series #4, Fred Caterson Reserve, Castle Hill.

The WHO Team of 23 intrepid runners fronted up to Garingal's West Sydney Orienteering Series event at Fred Caterson Reserve.

They met with very stiff competition with only three of the team coming in at the top positions.

Vanessa Cullen made it into second place in the Score event with a time of 45:02 and a score of 310. First place was taken by Alan Gibson (Bennelong) with a score of 460 in a time of 45:33. Almost making it into the group of leaders was Barry Pearce in 4th place with a score of 240 in a time of only 39:25.

Elliott McQuillan took second place in the Short Distance event with a time of 35:51, about 10 minutes behind Alyse Newton (Newcastle).

James McQuillan cruised into third place in the Long Distance event with a time of 58:51. Campbell Walsh, a rank outsider, appeared out of nowhere to finish the course in 40:52, followed closely by Richard Morris (Bennelong) with a time of 42:23. 

The first WHO to place in the Medium Course was Micaela Ashton in 6th place with a time of 65:59. All runners were well behind John Bulman (Garingal) who sped in with an increadible time of 39:45. The course must have been very tricky with six mispunching. Could it be that they got lost in the "maze".  

14 February, 2024

SSS #20, "Bungaroo" St Ives

Will Kay led the Junior Men with a score of 540 and a time of 44:18 only 41 seconds ahead of Brian Thorpe, Big Foot.
Justine de Remy de Courcelles is maintaining her season performance in the top bracket of Junior Women coming in 3rd with a score of 350 and just inside the penalty limit of 45 minutes with a time of 44:23 which suggests very good planning.
In Veteran Women Deb Walsham cruised in with the best 3rd place time of 40:20 and a score of 410. Mary Fien of Big Foot was only 27 seconds behind.
In Legends Men Graeme Hill joined four others in second place with scores of 420. 
Anne Newman, Legends Women, was the second place lead with a scoure of 330, only 36 seconds in from of Sue Froude IKO.
In immortal Women 2nd place was taken by Janet Morris with a score of 230 and a time of 35:27. Could better use of the remaining nine and half minutes have brought her close to Carol Jacabson's score of 300?
What happened to President James McQuillan coming in 184th having got all controls but was penalised with a deduction of 190. Its interesting that no one got the top possible score of 600!

11 February, 2024

West Sydney Orienteering Series #3, Lake Parramatta.

Twelve WHOs accepted Bennelong's challenge.

On the Long course Seth Sweeney cruised into second place with a time of 38:10 only 1:20 behind Nick Stanley from Garingal. Savanna Sweeney nearly toppled David Bray, Garingal, for third place finishing in fourth only 14 seconds behind David.

The Club had no top performers in the Medium course, Ian Miller led the WHO team comming in 6th place with a time of 58:37, 13 minutes behind Terry Bluett from Bennelong.

Lake Parramtta
4 February, 2024

West Sydney Orienteering Series #2 at Rouse Hill Regional Park

The Sweeney Team was virtually unbeatable, taking the first three places in the Long competition. Seth was first with an incredible time of 33:46, followed by Savanna in second place with a time of 45:10. Saffron made it into third with a time of 59:01.

Ian Miller was the WHO achiever on the Medium course coming in second place with a time of 41:42 only 2:36 behind David Christie from Uringa Orienteers.

The small field in the Short Course saw Elliott McQuillan fly into first place at 24:02 followed by Zoe Fuller in third with a time of 42:40. Uringa's Dave Lotty finished between them with a time of 30:32.

The Fullers, Amelia and Jake took the prize in the Score Course with an equal score of 50. Amelia, one second ahead of Jake ranked first.

Rouse Hill Regional Park
7 February, 2024

Club results - SSS #19, "Pearl King Bridge" Melwood Oval, Forestville West

WHO Team results:

Our junior orienteers show a high degree of consistency.
Junior Men, 3rd Will Kay 470 38:32;
Junior Women, 1st equal Savanna Sweeney 440 44:50 (Pipped by Justine Hobson 41:19);
Masters Men, 1st James McQuillan, 580 46:08;
Masters Women, 2nd Silvia Teoh 420 42:23;
Immortal Men, 3rd Ian Miller 360 42:55;
Immortal Women, 3rd Janet Morris 240 44:52;
Mini, Samantha and Harvey Teoh had the best times, 12:01 and 12:55 with scores of 200.

31 January, 2024

Club results - SSS #18, Campbell Park, Chiswick

WHO Team achievers were:

Junior Men, 4th Will Kay 470 46:19;
Junior Women, 1st Savanna Sweeney 480 48:29; 2nd Equal Justine de Remy de Courcelles 389 44:02 (Tania Horrocks Garingal pipped her with a time of 43:55).
Masters Men, 1st James McQuillan, 560 48:53. James is consistenly in the top bracket. A sign of good planning.
Masters Women, 3rd Silvia Teoh 400 45:26
Veteran Women, 3rd Emmanuele Convert 390 43:29
Legends Men, 2nd equal Graeme Hill 430 48:23 (Dom Pitot Bennelong was ahead with a time of 47:21)
Mini, Harvey Teah appears to have run the course twice with a score of 240  

24 January, 2024

Club results - SSS #17, Trumper Oval, Woollahra

Consistency is a virtue. James McQuillan, Masters Men, flew around all controls in the increadible time of 41:31 for 600 points. James was followed into 1st postion by Silvia Teoh, Masters Women, who moved up from her 3rd position last week into first place with an improved score of 490.

Comng in second in their fields were Justine de Remy de Courcelles, Junior Women, 440 points and Emmanuelle Convert, Veteran Women, 460 points in exactly 45 minutes, only one second more and she would have lost 10 points. Great acheivements.

The WHO Team missed out on all third places but we had four forth positions: Janet Morris, Immortal Women; Ian Miller, Immortal Men; Will Kay, Junior Men; Deb Walsham, Veteran Women. Will was competing in a big competitive field so it looks like he is a rising star! 

Trumper Park
17 January, 2024

Club results - SSS #16, St Josephs College, Hunters Hill

The Team improved on its previous Wednesday results with two in first place: Graeme Hill, Legends Men, with 450 points; and James McQuillan, Masters Men, 550 points, this despite losing 50 points because of being almost 10 minutes overtime.

Justine de Remy de Courcelles, Junior Women, 370 points, and Will Kay, Junior Men, 490 points flew into second positions in their fields. And Silvia Teoh, Masters Women, 450 points together with Marion Gledhill, Immortals Women, 190 points took third position in their fields.    

St Josephs
15 January, 2024

Selwyn Sweeney receives the 2023 ONSW Encouragement Award

He received the 2023 ONSW Encouragement Award for his course setting, coaching and event management.

Still a junior member, Selwyn’s efforts to support the orienteering experience, both within Western and Hills Orienteers and within the ONSW Junior Squad, reflect an active commitment to ensuring success and enjoyment of orienteering by others.

Selwyn Sweeney receives encouragement award

Robyn Pallas, President ONSW, presents Selwyn with the Encouragement Award.

10 January, 2024

Club results - SSS #15, Auluba Oval, Turramurra South

The Club Team missed out on all 1st placings, but James McQuillan flew into 2nd place in Masters Men with a score of 490. This despite a late finish.

Seven of the Club Team came across the line in 3rd position: Linda Chan's Group; Nerise McQuillan, Walking Women, 190 41:19; Janet Morris, Immortal Women, 200 43:49; Graeme Hill, Legends Men, 360 43:45; Will Kay, Junior Men, 400 50:26; Justine de Remy de Courcelles, Junior Women, 330 43:09;     Emmanuelle Convert, Veteran Women, 360 40:36.

Card image
3 January, 2024

Club results - SSS #14, Cooper Park, Woollahra

1st places in their divisions were achieved by Graeme Hill, Legends Men, with a score of 370 in a time of 45:52; James McQuillan, Masters Men, achieved first place with a score of 440, despite a late penalty of 90 for a time of 53:46. Savanna Sweeney, Junior Women made it with a score of 400, a late penalty of 20 and a time of 47:00.

2nd placings were Janet Morris, Immortal Women, 190 in a time of 41:55, and Emmanuelle Convert, Veteran Women, 340 44:51.

In 3rd places were Justine de Remy de Courcelles, Junior Women, 340 45:41, and Elliott McQuillan who completed the Mini in the remarkable time of 7:28.

Card image