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Saffron Sweeney

Saffron Sweeney
Child Safety Officer

Our club is its members.

Without them there is no club. We are building a set of members profiles so you can see who we really are. The set of profiles may take months to compile and may never be complete. The project is energised by the efforts of James and Nerise McQuillan. You can see the progress of our compilation to date by clicking here!

Key Contacts

By Post:
The Secretary, Western and Hills Orienteers Inc.,
PO Box 90, Glenbrook, NSW 2773.

By Email: Open Contact Form


President: James McQuillan
Vice President:  Dan Smith
Secretary & Public Officer: Maureen Fitzpatrick
Treasurer: Karen Langan
Mapping Officer & Archivist: Janet Morris
Equipment Officer: Steve Dunlop
Club Captain:  Josh Braidwood
Development Officer: Vivien De Remy De Courcelles
Social Media-FaceBook: Nerise McQuillan
E-News Editor:  Ian Miller
Statistician: Barry Pearce.
Webmaster: Barry Hanlon
IT / Tech Support: Dmitry Stukov
Delegates to ONSW: Robert Bradley, Maureen Fitzpatrick, James McQuillan
Child Safety Officer: Saffron Sweeney



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