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WHO Team for NSW State Leagues #5 (Middle Distance) and #6 (Long) - Khalis Rocks  and Gumble - Saturday/Sunday 20/21 May

Robert Bradley M55AS

Lachlan Coady M16A

Lee Coady M21A

Levi Coady M12A

Emmanuelle Convert W45A

Justine de Remy de Courcelles W12A

Vivien de Remy de Courcelles M21A

Barry Hanlon M85A

Aiden McQuillan M12A

James McQuillan M40A

Janet Morris W85A

Paul Sweeney M45AS

Saffron Sweeney W50A

Savanna Sweeney W16A

Selwyn Sweeney M20A

Seth Sweeney M20A

[as at 10 May]

WHO Team Results for SL#5, Kahlis Rocks Open  WHO Team results for SL#6, Gumble Pinnacles Open

NSW Schools Team Manager

Saffron Sweeney has been appointed by the ONSW board to the vacant NSW Schools Team Manager position for 2023 joining Lee Coady the Schools Squad Coach. Saffron will accompany the NSW Schools Team to WA for the Australian Schools Championsships.

WHO Team for NSW State Leagues #3 (Middle Distance) and #4 (Long) - Belanglo  and Soapy Flat - Saturday/Sunday 29/30 April

Warren Bax, M60A,

Jacinta Braidwood, W Open B

Joshua Braidwood, M45AS

Lachlan Coady, M16A

Lee Coady, M21A

Levi Coady, M12A

Lucas Coady, M/W10N

Emmanuelle Convert, W45A

Justine de Remy de Courcelles, W12A

Vivien de Remy de Courcelles, M21A

Barry Hanlon, M85A

Aiden McQuillan, M12A

Elliott McQuillan, M10A

James McQuillan, M21A

Janet Morris, W85A

Anthony Saunders, M45AS

Matilda Saunders, W16A

Paul Sweeney, M45AS

Saffron Sweeney, W50A

Savanna Sweeney, W16A

Selwyn Sweeney, M20A

Seth Sweeney, M20A

Shay Sweeney, M14A

WHO Team Results for SL#3, Benelong Open  WHO Team results for SL#4, Soapy Flat Open

WHO Team results for Easter in the Monaro region

To score for the Easter 3-Days you had to complete all three events. Ten of our team managed to achieve this. Their results are:

Barry Hanlon 1st   M85A 2:07:08    
Justine de Remy de Courcelles 2nd W12A 1:22:53    +3:09
Janet Morris 2nd   W85A 2:27:09 +11:05
Lynn Dabbs 3rd W70A 2:33:30 +11:02
James McQuillan 4th M40A 4:18:29 +1:00:21
Robert Bradley 4th M55AS 2:20:51 +28:29
Savanna Sweeney 8th W16A 2:25:51 +26:44
Emmanuelle Convert 8th W45A 5:16:55 +2:50:45
Shay Sweeney 9th M14A 4:00:56 +2:30:18
Aiden McQuillan 11th M12A 2:41:56  +1:41:17

The times shown are cumulative for the three days. The + time is the time behind the division winner.

Congratulations team.

Easter 2023 terraine

"Highlands"map terrain

Sydney Summer Series Season 32, 2022-2023
Best "Team WHO" Point Score Placings

Junior Men
3     Seth Sweeney     1108
4     Will Kay     1066

Junior Women
1     Savanna Sweeney     1181
3     Justine de Remy de Courcelles     1024

Masters Men
1     James McQuillan     1200

Masters Women
4     Silvia Teoh     1112     

Legends Men
3     Graeme Hill     1179

Immortal Men
3     Ian Miller     1113    

Immortal Women
3     Janet Morris     920
4     Marion Gledhill     829

WHO Results for SL #1, NSW Sprint Championships, Chevalier College, Burradoo

WHO Results for SL #2, Middle Distance, "Beyond Rocklea", Belanglo